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Somfy is a French group of companies that were founded in 1969. First established in Cluses in Haute-Savoie, it is today one of the largest manufacturers and supplier of controllers and drives for entrance gates, garage doors, blinds and awnings. They also produce other home automation products such as security devices. They are a member of home automation committees such as Connected Home over IP, Thread and the Zigbee alliance.

Somfy motors batteries are terrible and have to be replaced every year wasting more money, belgryphon wrote a review on

"Absolutely do not buy any system that uses Somfy motors (I do not know if hunter douglas uses other motors) I spent almost $7000 for 3 large windows. The batteries have to be replaced every year (the blinds are only used in summer about 2 -3 days a week at most. But that is expected. What was not expected is the 3 motors have been replaced twice. The dealers charged $400/ motor. and then they put every roadblock possible to charge again when in 3 years the motors died again. This time I bought them from be told by Somfy that they don't honor the warranty unless it is from their dealers. Who sold the motors to the amazon dealers in the first place??! "Peace of mind" hardly. I have 7k worth of shades permanently down.....DO NOT BUY"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salaries are very low if you are not a top tier employee. Managers are not trained on how to properly manage. Customer satisfaction does not seem to come first like it used to. Morale is not boosted, and growth is not supported. Nepotism is rampant in this company and therefore decisions are not always made from the right level."


"No vision for any lower level employee. Would be only labour"


"No MNC culture in India, Late sittings, Unprofessional."


"Top down management style France first, rest of Europe last Slow moving most of the time"


"No place for creativity, innovation. Only incremental innovation. Managers are very political. Listed on the stock market, short term thinking. Good ambitions from CEO but the organization and its activities does not reflect that."

Former Employee - Office Manager says

"Limited growth and training opportunities. Not very progressive. Uninspiring."

Former Employee - Sales Coordinator says

"Slow decision making, low salary"

Former Employee - Asesor Commercial says

"No managment nor direction. All acction are erratics without strategy."

Former Employee - Sales Coordinator says

"salary, promotion, longer work hours than normal"

Former Employee - Business Development says

"Although higher management is supportive and you would feel a good will to develop and to progress as seen in the company's values, however middle management is not as focused or effective as higher managers. In lower levels your personal relationship with your manager makes all the difference."

just your basic customer says

"Case-cover is poorly designed, snap tabs break off easily without snap on/ snap off capability. Somfy offers no spare parts unless buying new wind sensor for $200 - totally sucks. DON\'T BUY"

Yvonne Burkinshaw says

"If I could put no stars i would. The blinds when they work are great. But I have had problems since installation and comfy refuse any help in any way. I spent thousands of pounds and they still don't work"

tony cho says

"We purchased a home security kit in December, the month thereafter the interior siren started degrading in volume. It now produces no sound. I have mailed Somfy literally dozens of time,without reply. I have asked this to be raised to a complaint, also without reply. I have spoken to there so called 'customer service' several times without resolution, as recently as last Friday As of this morning I still have the faulty unit, no manager has been in contact. This is the WORST service form any company I have ever received. I would impress on anyone to purchase from any of their other competitors for home security. I would have left zero stars if possible. Disgusted."

Will says

"Spent £300 on a Somfy TaHoma as it was advertised on their website that HomeKit support was coming in the future. They’ve since removed this from their pipeline. This is fraud. They didn’t say it *might* be coming - they said it *was* coming. Awful awful company with no ethics. The tahoma hub is absolute garbage too - the technology it has should make it worth no more than about £15. Wish we had opted for a different manufacturer for our blinds."

Alexey says

"Bought their Tahoma box from Amazon Warehouse during Black Friday deals - during activation it told me that the Tahoma box has been registered already. "Not to worry" I thought, customer service will sort me out. "Not so fast cowboy!", apparently it is not possible to reset a Tahoma box back to factory settings so I had to send it back to Amazon. Which is not an issue this time, had I not bothered to check it within the return period, I would have been stuck with an expensive paperweight. This issue is not documented anywhere on the web, so I would advise anyone to be careful and bear this in mind!"

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